Gino’s Brew Pub is proud to be the home of some of the best talent in Chicago.

Matt Keen

Every Wednesday Night 5:30pm- 7:30pm FREE!

“My name is Matt Keen and I am a singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. I would fancy myself an eclectic with regards to my music and can’t specifically label myself into any particular genre. However, I play rock, folk, gospel, R&B, and the blues. I love to stay limitless regarding the possibilities of tunes I can share when playing in a live setting. I’ve had a number of great experiences at a wide variety of venues throughout my career. I have played at The Chicago Theatre, The Sandpoint Idaho Music Festival, The Marblehead, MA Music Festival, The Bluebird at Indiana University, and a wide array of clubs and bars all around the Midwest. A number of venues a bit less prestigious but none the less great! I am all about big crowds but am still enamored with intimate audiences, and play at listening room venues as well, such as, Di Luna’s, Sandpoint, ID. I can connect with 50 people just as seamlessly as I can with 5,000 and it is a serious strong suite of mine which keeps my fans intrigued and my non-fans wanting to become ones! If I am traveling outside of Chicago and it is not within driving distance (250 miles or less) I will need someone working sound at the venue to ensure the quality of the performance from a listening perspective. Within driving distance if necessary I possess a quaint and effective SHS Audio P.A that will comfortably power a performance for around 400 people. I currently don’t have any sort of light show but can stimulate a crowd regardless of antics and it’s something I pride myself on. Dependent on the venues location I can ensure a varied range of attendance. However, I always expect that if I make the venue money I am making myself money and so my drive to bring an audience is always high.”

Struggle Bus

Every Wednesday Night @ 9:30pm – FREE

Hosts Kevin McMahon (Brewmaster: Gino’s Brewing Co, Host: The Indecent Exposure Podcast) and Sean Flannery (Comedian, Host: “Drunk Science” and “The Blackout Diaries”) bring comedy, storytelling, and beer education to a whole new level in their LIVE PODCAST, “The Struggle Bus”.  Guest performances and interviews of Chicago comics, professional brewers, and musicians are at the core of the show , while segments like “Ask the Brewmaster”, and “The “Huey Lewis Fact of the Day” add colorful commentary to this staple show of Gino’s Brew Pub entertainment schedule.

Can’t make the show. Follow, stream, or download all episodes of “The Struggle Bus” on The Indecent Exposure Podcast network.   


Comedy Unplugged

Every Friday Night @9pm

Comedy Unplugged invites you to witness the birth of Chicago’s favorite new show. Join us in the heart of downtown Chicago for an evening of acoustic music, stand up comedy, and world class craft beers. The evening will feature the rising stars of Chicago’s music and comedy communities, providing the ideal atmosphere for enjoyment of one (or a few) of Gino’s Brewing Co’s delicious, hand-crafted brews. Catch us every Friday and Saturday at Gino’s Brewpub; Comedy Unplugged perfectly blends live music and comedy, leaving guests wanting more!

Keen and Doepke

April 14 & 15

Chicago based musicians Drew Doepke and Matt Keen are students of the blues and classic rock music scenes. They have been making a living for over ten years playing in multiple projects and in their own right as solo singer-songwriters. When performing as a duo the two are seamless! They’re ability to cover any genre of music with passion and confidence has heads turning in their hometown and cities they’ve toured to around the country. Join us on Friday, April 14th and Saturday, April 15th as we welcome them to Gino’s Brew Pub for two evenings of original, unrivaled music and craft beer.

Aryk Crowder

April 21, 22 & 28

Long before the first volume of his 2×4 EP series, everything about Chicago R&B/soul sensation Aryk Crowder has been about building a sturdy, tangible structure on which his unique vision can thrive. From his early four-track recordings in a studio apartment to recent grass-roots efforts in crowd-sourcing and charity work to the hand-stamped artwork and distribution of 2×4, it’s all innovative, creative and certainly DIY, but Crowder’s ethic also hearkens back to a time before DIY was hip or underground. With his own two hands, Crowder isn’t building walls in order to stand-out, so much as bridges.